Jun 25, 2009

Remembering Michael Jackson: Cat Does "Thriller" Dance

Today is a crazy day, people. First Farrah Fawcett, then Michael Jackson. Michael Jackson?! Someone on CNN actually said, "It's like the president died..."

Cute appreciates Michael Jackson's work, even if he was a weirdo. And today we remember him in the only way Cute knows how, with a cute video.


  1. Awww....that is cute!
    Dr. Marie www.askavetquestion.com

  2. Adorable - except for the comment about MJ being a weirdo - he was not - he was a beautiful human being. That being said, MJ and cats are two of my great loves - this was a great video - will watch it over and over!

  3. Oh my gosh that was SOOO cute. Way more than cute. You know what Michael was NOT a weirdo. Okay he was the most awesomest person in the world and pretty cute. In the 80's man that was just so... *bites lip at the memory*


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