Jun 23, 2009

Precious Pug Pushing a Stroller

So, your child has a "baby" -- why not your dog, too? He can feed his baby, sleep with his baby... even take his baby for walks in a baby stroller!

I mean, seriously. How cute is it that these people taught their pug to do this? I only wish I could see him walking down the street with his stroller in person!

More cute puggies, please.


  1. That was cute but it's just odd seeing a pug pushing a stroller!

  2. That was cute!! WI wonder if I could teach Maverick how to do that! Welcome to the M-Cats Club Pimp!! Let me know if you want Moo added to the club!
    Hi 5 paw,
    Mr. Tigger

  3. That was adorable and weird all in one, thanks for sharing :)


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