Jun 24, 2009

Check Out This Cool Meowhawk!

Sure, you see mohawks everywhere -- even Angelina Jolie's kid sported one -- but have you ever seen a meowhawk? Didn't think so.

Lucky for you Cute spotted one! Here's our Twitter pal @toby_cat looking all cool in his spiky 'do!

Thanks to our other Twitter pal, @CircusKitty for sending the cute pic our way!

(You'll remember her because she's the star of our Driving Miss Kitty post!)


  1. that CANNOT be real. how cute!

  2. LOL!!! I love the meowhawk, it's adorable!!!

  3. Love it! Wish we could get our furs to do that :)

  4. hahahahah. MOL. This still makes me laugh.


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