Jun 26, 2009

Cute Contest: Be the Face of Cute!

Listen up, Cute Crew! We've got a big announcement over here that we're really excited about...

We want YOU to be The Face of Cute!

That's right. You see that cute picture up there next to our logo? That could be you up there! We want a new cutie to represent us every single day in July!

So if you think you're cute enough for Cute -- we know you are! -- email your bestest, floofiest, funniest, most awww-inspiring picture to me by clicking here! And be sure to check back every day to see if you're The Face of Cute!

Now, only cause we have to... a few rules:

1. Include your name and Twitter name if you have one. Please find your ONE bestest picture to email. If you don't want to email, you can also DM us on Twitter (@YourDailyCute) with a link to a Twitpic or something similar.

2. We'll pick a new cutie to feature each day, so sit tight if yours isn't picked right away -- we've got 31 different days to fill up! But... we're not saying we wouldn't maybe give you extra-super-bonus cool points (Yay!) if you tweet this after you send in your cute pic:

I just sent a cute picture of myself to @YourDailyCute to be the Face of YourDailyCute.com! http://bit.ly/3p6h29

But wait! That's not all! At the end of the month, we'll post a gallery of every single featured cutie so we can vote on the best of the best. More details on that later.

So for now, what are you waiting for...

Email Cute your cute pictures already!


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  2. dis a great contesty. i wunders if utter humanz had az much troubles az mine finding just one cute picture to sends you!

  3. I iz zo happy you picked me! I iz @fletcher_kitten Follow Me I iz CUTE!
    ps: Tank U

  4. Do they have to be photos or are illustrations ok?

  5. J.R. -- good question!

    Send in one of your cute illustrations! Why not? Cute is cute! :)

  6. Vote for Luanne to repesent the cute face for the month of July. She is the kitty wrapped with TP... and follow me, calitweet, for more photos of my, not 1, but 2 crazy silly kitties :)

  7. Um, what if I have more than one cat? How many can I enter? Twitter name LynnsDecor


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