May 21, 2010

I Am Going to Need a Sloth...

I know Christmas passed already, and my birthday, and Easter, and Valentine's Day, and St. Patrick's Day and probably a bunch of other holidays, but do you think someone could find a holiday coming in which you could give me and ADORABLE SLOTH as a gift?

I would give him green beans -- which he could share with his friends, of course -- and a nice place to sleep and eat, and probably a comfy hammock...

Seriously. These sloths are some of the cutest animals I've ever seen! (They kind of remind me of the ticklish little Loris, you think?)

Thanks to Cute's friend (and favorite artist!) BZTAT for sharing this cute sloth video!

P.S. We have a winner for our Cats Against Clay T-shirt giveaway contest! Concats to Fisher of who won the fabulous T-shirt for his person!


  1. Gotta love those Sloths!!!!

    BZTAT and the Brew

  2. Woah, they are cute! Do you think they'd hog our catnip if we got one?

  3. OMG they are so cute they seem to fall asleep anywhere and more often than kittens :)

  4. What cuties they are. Have never seen one up close, so this video really gave us a good up-close & personal look.

  5. Oh, I LOVE these guys! I wonder if Hobbes would be jealous if we got one?

  6. SOOOO CUTE!!!!

    I love how the one at the end turned towards the camera like "yes? you'd like to capture my cuteness now?" ahahah

  7. Are they not the most adorable things EVER!?


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