Aug 12, 2012

Cute Crusade: It's Transport Day - Two Black Kittens SAFE!

Today is my favorite kind of day. It's transport day! Two adorable black kittens are safe, thanks to a fellow Cutehead who is adopting them -- all the way near Cleveland, Ohio!

Here's the story:

I shared this picture of beautiful Venus, who was at Broward Animal Control in Pompano, FL, on the Cute's Facebook page and one of our fabulous community members, Michelle W., said she'd love to give her a home. Yay!

Venus is getting a home!
But wait, it get's better!

Michelle was talking to my friend, Stacey ( who runs Good Karma Pet Rescue and who we work with all the time to save these kitties), and Stacey told her she had Venus's twin almost who also needed a home -- a beautiful black kitten named Dahlia. She said she could adopt her, too, if she wanted for no extra adoption fee.

Two gorgeous black babies for the price of one?! Michelle said yes! Double yay!

Dahlia is getting a home, too!
Of course, Michelle lives nowhere near where Venus and Dahlia are, but that's no big deal for us... we make things happen around here!

Me and the girls. Venus left, Dahlia right.
I posted a call for help with transport and so many people offered to help. We got out the map and figured out the best route and, starting today, six fellow Cuteheads (seven if you count their new mom, Michelle!) are going to be driving them to their new home -- almost 1,300 miles away!

They're starting their journey about 10 a.m. ET today and will be traveling through late tonight, then staying in Charlotte, NC for a week, and then picking up their journey again next weekend.

Follow along today on Your Daily Cute's Facebook page where I'll be posting pictures and updates of how their trip is going!

Have I mentioned how much I love everyone who is part of our little group here? Love! People are amazing. Let's cheer these kitties on and wish them safe travels.

THANK YOU MICHELLE and all the kitty's drivers!

Want to help transport next time?

Would you like to help out transporting kitties for future Cute Crusades like this? The more volunteers we have, the more cats we can help!

If you'd like to volunteer to drive one day please fill out this form I made so that I have your information like where you live and how far you'd be willing to go. That way, when other kitties need help, I know where our helpers are and can just email or call you and ask! Thank you, everyone!

(The info on the form is only for me and only I see it. It's just so that we can have all the volunteers in one place.)


  1. So wonderful - so many terrific, caring and compassionate people in the world!! Good job on saving these kitties and getting them to their new mommy.

  2. Boots. Mia & Rascal too!August 12, 2012 at 3:47 AM

    Dorian, we think you are PAWSOME for your work in making events like these possible!  And the ladies who are working alongside you are double PAWSOME!  You people ROCK!  and the kitties (and their creator), THANKYOU for your wonderful work!  yay!!!!  ( and we voted for you multitudious times for the petties!)  :)  xoxoxoxo 

  3. Not only do I love having cute in my inbox everyday, but I especially love it when the cute reports an awesome rescue!!! Thanks to everyone involved in getting Venus and Dahlia to their new mom. This kind of thing brings happy teas to my eyes!!

  4. Yay Venus and Dahlia! Safe travels and so happy you found your furever home! :) Great job Cute Crusaders!

  5. I'm so happy that Venus and Dahlia were shuttled to their forever home!  That's wonderful!

  6. Great rescue story!! I'm so happy for all of them! Have fun in your new forever home!

  7. Perfect rescue story -- dare I say 'purr-fect'? :-) -- and so happy to hear that they're moving to their forever home!!!

  8. I liked your idea of transporting the kitties through many purrfect friendly people to their destination from the very beginning. I wish I could still drive and help with your wonderful idea. God bless you and all people involved. You're all fantastic!

  9. It's wonderful how so many good people are helping
    kitties get to their forever homes!!    God bless everyone!
    And those black kitties are adorable.

  10. And this week includes Black Cat day! A great week for traveling for these two! So excited these cuties are coming to Ohio!

  11. There is something special about a little black kitten, and x'tra special about 2 little black kittens!! More than once I have had a lonesome little black kitten brought to me (foster Mom); & I wonder what their story is, where is Mummy cat etc? How I wish I lived close to you all and could be part of these wonderful stories. Love you all for all the good things you do for all the little (and not so little) "unwanteds."
    Cats get a pretty rough deal, dogs when abandoned, are more "in your face" - like "Mum left town and didn't take me, so please feed me!." Whereas a cat will usually hide away, in fear, and come out at night to try and find something to eat; so they are too often dismissed as "feral" or "that stray down the street." When in fact they are often a (formerly) loved pet just abandoned. We have a huge problem here in our outback areas, with feral cats, poor little things, in many cases they were simply abandoned - & of course have now multiplied to great numbers.  On a trip around Australia we would regularly see a startled poor little cat jump out of a refuse bind, trying to find something to eat. This used to upset me alot, I would lie awake at night thinking of those poor little things, probably chased away by people, and now of course run at the sight of any person. Life is very cruel to alot of Gods little creatures.
    May He bless you all for the work you do with the lucky little felines that come your way!  Victoria P 

  12. Really an awesome rescue, so much time and effort and milage! Well done to you all and St Fancis bless you this Christmas time. L - X

  13. Aw, thank you, @169b3a04a0c97b572744b4ca28489751:disqus. It is hard sometimes to know how many need out help, but if we all just do the little bit we can do, it adds up to a big difference! Hopefully next year we can save tons more! Happy holidays!

  14. Thank you so much, @8ae3c6a121162e5649ef4e3e64dcb9f7:disqus. Hopefully next year we can save many, many more. These babies deserve it! :)

  15. That is a cute story with a happy ending. I am glad that this kitties have a new home.

  16. Awwww, YAY!!! :)


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