May 26, 2013

Lion Visits a Doggie Dentist (and #HopperSimba Transport Day!)

Bonedigger the big lion needs his teeth cleaned, and his trusty dachshund dentist, Milo, is there at the ready to help get his teeth squeaky clean!

We all know how important your smile is, and even more important the bigger it is! I wonder how Milo learned to do this? I think he's a brave dog!

P.S. Today is another transport day! We have two kitties traveling through Florida on their way to their forever homes! I'm using hashtag #HopperSimba on Twitter to share along the way.

Simba is heading to Tampa today. His new mom is in Georgia, and he is getting a ride to Georgia from tomorrow. He is going to sleep over tonight at Cutehead Melissa W.'s house until tomorrow!

Simba was actually named Kitty at the shelter, and he was miserable. We also thought he was a "she" at first, and her name was going to be Nala. But then... surprise! It's a boy! He is going to a wonderful forever home.

Simba's sad shelter picture. His name was Kitty at the time. Of course we had to help! 
Hopper is also from animal control here in Pompano, FL. He was a staff favorite and somehow was still there after two months (a miracle that he survived there that long, and crazy that no one fell in love with him in that time!). But Cutehead Kristie W. in Tallahassee saw his picture when I shared it on Facebook and fell in love! And one thing led to another... and he's on the way to her!

Hopper is heading to Live Oak, FL today to camp out with Cutehead Dusti M. until next Saturday, and then Kristie will pick him up from there next weekend!

Hopper, looking quite the gentleman at the shelter.
Two more kitty lives saved! Thanks to today's Cutehead drivers, Carie P. (who fostered Hopper here!), Pam C., Linda L. and Diane L.! And thanks to Simba's awesome foster daddy, Kyle S., who fell in love with him, like I'm sure his new mom will. And, OF COURSE, huge thanks to our partner in rescue, Good Karma Pet Rescue, for getting them all vetted and out of the shelter to travel!

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  1. How brave and cute is Milo to do that! That Bonedigger could make minced meat out of him in a second but what a docile lion. Any relation to "The Cowardly Lion"? Very cute! Hope the babies have a wonderful and safe journey to their new homes after the long waits for their own special 'furever home'. Happy and safe travelling Cuteheads. Kitty is sweet and I totally love Hopper!

  2. We're having some disbelief about the lion/dog video. We can't believe the little dachshund didn't get eaten for lunch! So glad two more kitties are finding forever homes. Purrs and hugs from the kitties at The Cat on My Head, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Josette.

  3. The lion seems to be thinking......."Eeewwww! Now I have 'doggy-breath' ?!
    Happy for the kitties finding forever homes!

  4. Can never say thank you enough for all your work to save these kitties lives. Hopper and Simba are very lucky! Wishing you a safe transport.
    There is something odd about that video. I wonder if the poor lion was tranquilized? Doesn't seem normal.

  5. Is this someone again in the States (well we have some in Canada too I think) who owns an exotic animal?! They belong in their habitat, not in someone's backyard and especially not with a companion animal. As an animal lover I mostly think and care about animal welfare. This is just not right however how cute some people think it is. I question why it is posted on this animal loving website.

  6. I checked it out before posting. :) It's a zoo, not a backyard.

  7. There are many videos and pictures of these two on their Facebook page and YouTube. I really think it seems like they are just good friends! :)


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