Nov 14, 2013

Adorable Kitten Saved From Inside a House Wall

Valentino was abandoned by his mom and somehow fell in between the walls of a California home. He meowed and meowed for help, but the family couldn't pinpoint exactly where the meowing was coming from.

Finally, the meowing moved to the wall by the front hall, and they could clearly tell where it was coming from. Time was running out for little Valentino, so the family's dad grabbed a small saw blade and cut a hole in their wall.

And what they saw would have melted anyone's heart. There was Valentino, meowing loud and clear, no doubt happy to see them!

This was 16 months ago, and the happy update is that Valentino (now renamed Atticus) was adopted by another family and is doing great!

Thanks to Cute's fabulous friend Tamar from I Have Cat for passing this cute kitten video on!

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  1. Aww! What a cutie, it's good that the kitten has a loving new home.

  2. So happy he was rescued and then found a forever home.

  3. I love happy endings!!! So glad they were able to rescue and find a home for him. Adorable little kitten!!

  4. So great that the family followed the meowing and rescued that little cutie. Good luck Atticus !

  5. Yea for happy endings! His crying certainly got the attention of all my animals.

  6. how could you not love that jelly bean.


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