Nov 27, 2011

Cat Making Snow Angels

Mr. Marbles got to play in the snow for the first time ever, so naturally he had to make snow angels!

Kitty snow angels are very different from people snow angels, it seems. The cat ones are more of a flop flop flop motion, which makes a giant blob of an "angel." And it is beautiful, of course. Good job, Mr. Marbles!

P.S. Can you all believe I've never seen snow? I think I'd probably plop down and make a snow angel first, too! :)

BONUS CUTE: A pack of kittens frolicking in the snow!


  1. What a fun video! Was Mr. Marbles named for the quality of having "marbles" for brains?

  2. Come on up to Pittsburgh some time this winter - we usually get plenty of snow to go around! ;) 

  3. Makes me cold just watching that! ;)  

  4. That is too cute sliding around in the snow. Sure looks like fun. 

  5. Silly kitty. You can have some of MY snow!


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