Nov 28, 2011

What Your Pets Think About You

Sometimes I know I'm doing something silly and my two cats must think I'm ridiculous, but as it turns out, our pets think we're ridiculous even when we're doing things that we think are normal!

I really wish they could speak English. I bet if Pimp could talk, he'd have some very important things to say. If Moo could talk, I think he'd be one of the kinds that just ramble on and on and never really get anywhere. He's a goofball!

Here are three videos created by The Shelter Pet Project. The first one I've seen going around, but I hadn't seen the other two before. I literally LOL'd at all of them! "Poop already!"

I wonder if Pimp and Moo think about about me on the computer all the time like that girl on her cell phone? And all the meowing coming out of this thing with all the videos!


  1. THose are so awesome! I really wonder what my cats think about all the things I do. 

  2. BWAHAHAHA!!  I laffed so hard TUNA came out my noz!!!  My hoomin duz stuffs like dat too!!  (I hope she dont reed dis)  BWAHAHAHA!!!!!

  3. Ahhhhh, poop already, you're making me nervous! I love these!!!

  4. I know my guys don't like me on the computer but they get even by blogging.

  5. My cats always come over for a skritch when I'm on the phone. They hear me using my voice, and they don't see anyone else around, so surely I must be talking to THEM. *IF* they even notice that I've got a little plastic thingy in my hand, which in and of itself is debatable, surely I couldn't be talking to THAT. Nope. Mom using voice = Mom talking to kitties. They don't necessarily respond that way when I'm talking to my hubby.

    The dog, meanwhile, comes over for dotes immediately, no matter when or how I'm using my voice. Talking on the phone? Here comes the dog. Talking to the spouse or cats? Here comes the dog. Hollering at the computer 'cause it's acting up? Here comes the dog. See a pattern here? :-)

    (Don't look now, but I think my critters are spoiled. ;-) )

  6. I may have to steal one for my blog if that is OK with you...

  7. These are awesome! Would love to share these on our page. :)


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