Dec 1, 2011

Kitty Snuggles with Her Human Baby Sister

Tuxedo loves her new sister, and doesn't mind sharing her favorite cat bed with her... even if she doesn't have fur and doesn't meow or purr. Her new human sister is still just as comfy to cuddle with!

Sometimes you hear stories about little kids and cats not getting along, or babies not being nice to kitties, but I bet these two will grow up to be the best of friends.

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  1. Haha! That was just the polite kitteh way of saying, "Get off my bed, Milk Breath."

  2. Super duper cute! What a nice cat. That is not a kitty bed, though. It's a Boppy, and it's the baby's pillow (or the mommy's...women use them when they nurse a lot of times). : ) 

  3. Very, very cute and they have lots of toys to play with too.

  4. Hah! I guess you can tell I have cats and not kids. ;) Thanks for helping!

  5. what a sweet little buddy shes gonna have while she grows up <3

  6. Ah so adorable! I love the cuddles! Thanks for sharing! (Oh and I think you should check out my latest post in my blog =) )

    ~ Kieli ~

  7. Awww! Like this 1000x times over! Thank you for helping that little bunny. <3  

    I don't think it lets you post links here (although it might since I whitelisted you), so I'll share it so it definitely goes:

    Cuteheads, check her post out! Cute inspiring more cuteness... and she has a new bunny for a pet because of it!

  8. I love it!  Is it sad that I was waiting for the cat to suddenly get evil?  Glad that didn't happen.  :)


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